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KCS Productivity Pack For AutoCAD
Current version: 1.9.4, Release date: 4/10/2019
What's New

This add-on utility package is for use with plain AutoCAD (or Vertical application other than Architecture or MEP), version R2000 - R2021. It includes most features included in the AEC version, except for those that are specific to AEC. Some features, such as Auto-Layering, have been tailored for non-AEC use. This version also include some tools not found in the AEC version, such as Dimension tolerance tools.  Now with alternate icons for R2015+  Dark color scheme.    

The KCS Productivity Pack is now a free utility, which may be authorized upon purchasing. All features are included whether authorized or not. The free version displays a "welcome" screen at each drawing opening. Authorizing eliminates this screen, and is available for a nominal charge

NOTE: This program requires a full AutoCAD version. It does not work with AutoCAD LT.

Pricing:     Single seat:  $49 US         Site License:  $198 US


Download KCS for AutoCAD

This is a dual purpose installation file, depending on the KCS you may already have installed, as follows:

* If you do not have KCS installed, this file will install the Trial Edition.

* If you have previously purchased and registered, this file will update your installation to the latest KCS revisions.  It will not cause your KCS to revert to a Trial version. Install this right over your existing installation. Do NOT uninstall first.



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